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  1. Silver Jewellery should be stored only in plastic zip-locks or plastic cover provided by us.

  2. Tips for Gold-Plated Jewellery: Can gold-plated silver jewellery be worn everyday? Will it fade in this case?

  • Gold Plated / Rhodium Plated or Any other plated jewellery when used on regular basis will eventually fade and you will need to get it re-plated. Any plated jewellery should be avoided from water, perfume, harsh chemicals, etc.

  • Remember it gold plating and not real gold. Take these precautions while wearing it and storing and these will go on for a long period of time.


We sometimes see that silver jewellery/items change color. Plenty of reasons can contribute to the same. We have tried to some up a few below:

  • Contact with certain chemicals, like while swimming.

  • Certain perfumes

  • Extremely humid weather

  • Body perspiration : sweat with high salt

  • Storing of silver in velvet/cotton/cloth etc

However, silver can be cleaned at home with simple steps as described below:

  1. Wash the silver jewellery in luke warm shampoo water and wipe with an clean cloth.

  2. Rub it slightly with plain, dry colgate powder and wipe again with an clean cloth.

And Ta-Da - your jewellery/item is ready to wear/use.

Note: This process should NOT only be followed if your jewellery/item is plated - golden/rodium, etc. In this case you need to get it re-plated.

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