1. Is this Silver or Artificial?

  2. What is the quality of Silver used?

    • We believe in maintaining a quality of 92.5 pure silver.

  3. Is this Sterling Silver?

    • Yes. Sterling silver is just another name for 92.5 pure silver jewellery.

  4. Do you give a silver certificate?

    • No. Silver Jewellery does not come with certificate. All our jewellery is 92.5 hallmarked. There are certain products where we can't put the hallmark, so in that case the Bill we provide acts as the quality certificate as it has the mention of silver authenticity.

  5. Will the item be exactly same as shown in picture?

    • We try our best to provide you with the exact product as shown in picture. However since these are handcrafted products, there are chances that there may be very minute/negligible differences.