Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Is this Silver or Artificial?

  2. All products are made in silver except the 'AYAS COLLECTION'.

  3. What is the quality of Silver used?

  4. We believe in maintaining a quality of 92.5 pure silver.

  5. Is this Sterling Silver?

  6. Yes. Sterling silver is just another name for 92.5 pure silver jewellery.

  7. Do you give a silver certificate?

  8. No. Silver Jewellery does not come with certificate. All our jewellery is 92.5 hallmarked. There are certain products where we can't put the hallmark, so in that case the Bill we provide acts as the quality certificate as it has the mention of silver authenticity.

  9. Will the item be exactly same as shown in picture?

  10. We try our best to provide you with the exact product as shown in picture. However since these are handcrafted products, there are chances that there may be very minute/negligible differences.


  1. Do you have return/exchange?

  2. Sorry, we do not have any return or exchange available.

  3. I have received a Faulty/Wrong Item. What should I do?

  4. Incase you have received such an item, you will need to share with us the unboxing video of the product as a proof of the same within 24hours of receiving the item. If we find the product has been damaged in transit or we have sent you a wrong product, we will exchange it.

  5. What is an Unboxing Video?

  6. Its a video that you start making from the point you start opening the parcel till the product is removed from the box. This video will be helpful incase you have received a faulty/wrong product. We suggest you always take this video.

  7. Is Cash On Delivery Available?

  8. Sorry we do not have this facility. All orders are Prepaid.

  9. Does your Silver Jewellery have Buy Back Value?

  10. Yes. It can be given at any jewellery store that takes back old/used silver.


  1. How do I store my Silver Jewellery?

  2. Silver Jewellery should be stored only in plastic zip-locks or plastic cover provided by us. To know more : Click on SILVER CARE

  3. How to clean my Silver Items?

  4. To know more : Click on SILVER CARE

  5. Can the jewellery break?

  6. Yes, it can. All jewelry pieces are delicate items so please do not pull them or handle them roughly. We do not replace broken jewellery.

  7. Will the jewellery fade afterwards?

  8. 92.5 silver jewellery doesn't fade unless plated. it either gets dull or tarnished. The original color can be restored by simple cleaning process at home. Normally fading occurs if the item is plated. In that case you need to get it re-plated.

  9. I'm based out of a coastal area. Will the Silver oxidize here due to the weather?

  10. Our Jewellery is already given an oxidized/antique touch to avoid such instances. Still if the jewellery is getting tarnished then it would be due to salty sweat or extremely humid weather. However, this should not be the reason to stop wearing silver. Just follow the simple storing & cleaning steps of silver. Remember, Silver is Easy Maintenance!



  • We deliver across India.

  • International : Please get in touch on our whatsapp number +916377142501 for queries related to international orders.


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